Leading Manufacturer of Smart Solutions for Energy and Water Metering

Bastic offers flow meter, heat meter, energy meter for smart water management, buildings, commericial areas are industrial applications

About Basic

Beginning with its founding in 1997, Guangzhou Basic Intelligence Technology Co. or Basic Controls has made a name for itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of metering products. Our product catalog includes products devices like heat meters, flow meters, smart power meters, smart water meters and other high precision measurement devices. We also provide customers with civil metering solutions for water, heating, and energy consumption systems. Basic Controls operates three high-efficiency production lines allowing us to produce as many as 450,000 meter units every year.

Meters & Devices
    1. Heat Meter
    2. Heat Meter

      Basic Controls is a manufacturer of heat meter, providing customers with a series of ultrasonic heat meter and electromagnetic heat meter.

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    1. Flow Meter
    2. Flow Meter

      This series ultrasonic flow meter has no moving parts and is not subject to the deposits. It only consumes as little as 0.5W, having a water-proof grade of IP65.

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    1. Water Meter
    2. Water Meter

      Water meter is specially designed for residential and small-sized commercial applications with low water consumption. Basic Controls offers ultrasonic water meter ...

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    1. Energy Meter
    2. Energy Meter

      Basic Controls is specialized in the manufacturing of energy meter, providing customers with single phase energy meter, 3 phase energy meter and power meter.

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